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The schedule of events for 2017 is listed below.
This list will be updated as new information is
provided (if you see "(2016)" in an entry below,
the 2017 date is not yet known).

Click on the location of an event to see a map
of that location.

Some of these events may have not been confirmed
through the Event Coordinators or Danse Macabre's

San Jose, CA, February 17th-20th
President's Day Weekend
(Danse Macabre is playing Sunday evening)
(Only musicians needed for this gig)
Please contact the House of Danu for any info on gatelisting
if you wish to attend.

Sonora Celtic Faire
Sonora, CA, March 10th-12th

Ravenswood Upon The Gleann
Weaverville, CA, May 2nd - 3rd (2016)

This event has been canceled for 2016.
They plan to return in 2017.

May Fair
Pacific Grove, CA, May 7th (2016)
One-day event, 10am-2pm.
No parades from us, but musicians are encouraged to attend.
Parking is limited.  Donnie & Susan are planning to carpool
from their place in Prunedale.  Contact Susan for particulars.

Carnevale Fantastico!
Vallejo, CA, May 6th - 7th
Italian-themed event with non-English Renaissance costuming.
Note that this is not something where we will be a Dead guild; they
already have dead people of their own.  This is something fun
where we can attend as individul people coming in with other groups.

PanGaia Festival
Fair Oaks, CA, June 10th - 11th

Central Coast Renaissance Festival
San Luis Obispo, CA, July 15th - 16th
(aka SLO Faire)

Canterbury Renaissance Faire
Silverton, OR, July 22nd - 30th
We plan to have representation at this faire.
Contact Susan for gatelisting and other info.

Much Ado About Sebastopol
Sebastopol, CA, September 24th - 25th (2016)

Event canceled for 2017.  They plan to return in 2018.

Northern California Renaissance Faire
Casa de Fruta, CA, September 16th - October 15th
(Near Hollister & Gilroy)

All Hallows Fantasy Faire
Sonora, CA, October 22nd-23rd (2016)
(Same location as Sonora Celtic Faire)

Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Parade
San Fransisco, CA, November 2nd


More will be added here as information becomes available.
If there is a faire or event not listed that you would like the
Danse Macabre to perform at, please contact us....