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This page is where you shall find copies of some sheet music
used by the Northern California Danse Macabre.  Scanned copies
of it were sent and its exact origins are uncertain, but believed
to be attributable to Thea Ruoho, former Guildmistress.
If you know it is attributable otherwise, please let us know.

This book also includes a number of tunes played for
English Country Dancing.  Thea's Introduction tells
which are which, though some are obviously played for
both the Danse and the Dance.

Clicking on the links below will open scanned images from the book.
Right-click and select the appropriate option to save to your computer.

Songs from the Morgue and other Dead Dances cover

Introduction by Thea Ruoho


Apley House


Ashford Reunion

Bare Dance

Bedlam Boys

Black Nag

Black Nag (variation)

Bobbing Joe


Confess his Tune

Gathering Peascods


Heart's Ease

Hyde Park

If All The World Were Paper

Jenny Pluck Pears

Kettle Drum

Mage On A Cree

Maiden Lane

Moll Peatley


None Such

Parson's Farewell

Picking Of Sticks


Rufty Tufty

Saturday Night & Sunday Morning (missing)

Shaking Of The Sheets lyrics

Shaking Of The Sheets music

Saint Martin's

Stingo (AKA "Boom Boom")

The Merry Merry Milkmaids

The Night Piece


For Contributions, Complaints or Comments,
contact the Webmaster on the Contacts page.
If you have any of the above music marked
please send it!