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This page in presents images of
proposed cards to hand out at events
to explain who and what we are.

Two styles of cards are now available:

Some people didn't like the original front for this card.
So an alternate has been provided.  Use the front you prefer.
Front of card: Alternate Front: Back of card:
DM Card 1 front - right-click to save DM Card 1 alternate front - right-click to save DM Card 1 back - right-click to save

Front of card: Back of card:
DM Card 2 front - right-click to save DM Card 2 back - right-click to save


These images are designed to be printed on
Avery 8371 Business Card stock at 300 dpi.
(There are actually several Avery forms that
you can use; choose the one to your liking.
As long as you see on the packaging something
along the lines of, "Use Avery Template
8371," you've got one you can use.  Make
sure you set up your word processing software
to use that template, and you'll be good to go.)


To setup the files for printing, follow these steps:


Please note that you may have to adjust your word processor's page
margins so that when you print the cards, the images line up correctly
with the card stock form preforations.