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Donations Gladly Accepted!

In its current incarnation, the Northern California Danse Macabre tries to be as "all inclusive" as possible.  We openly welcome those members of other guilds, acts, booths -- even customers!  We love everybody!  Well, most everybody...grin -- participating at a faire to "drop in" and join us for any parade that we're going to do.  Such people are always welcome to join us as their schedules permit, with no obligations on them at all.

What greatly helps for those people who want to drop in (as well as regular members who forget something) are the spare parts boxes.  These boxes supply missing pieces of costuming as well as assorted noise makers and so on.  The cost of supplying items for the spare parts boxes largely comes out of the pockets of guild management, since we are not a guild that requires "dues" from its regular membership.  If you would like to help defray those costs, donations are gladly welcomed from any and all who would like to make them (and in any amount).  Please click on the "donate" button below and then enter the amount you'd like to donate.  Please note that while it uses Paypal to process the payment and send it to us, you do not need a Paypal account in order to send the donation.  Please accept our thanks in advance!